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Audience Comments

  Pamela, you were magnificent yesterday!  Both pieces showed off the full range of your artistry.  The Tango was brilliant, and you totally nailed passages unlike any I've ever even imagined being played on a cello.  You took my breath away!  And then that gorgeous slow piece so full of emotion and soulfulness.  It was heavenly!  Thank you so much for giving us all such a wonderful gift. - Helen L....... Pam - you were extraordinary!!  I was so moved!  I cried in the Piazzolla and during your encore.  You and Piazzolla went right to my heart.  Even my friend cried. (He is a musician).  I know that Piazzolla would have been delighted to hear you. Such quality of sound, range, and emotion.  I know his music well, having lived in Costa Rica where the best quartet in San Jose specialized in it.  - Gail C. Thanks again for alerting me about the concert yesterday. I am still enjoying the experience today. It was truly extraordinary. You poured your heart into that beautiful

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